In today’s modern, and increasingly online world, your CV is your shop window to all future opportunities—and, given that most people see your CV before they see you, it’s amazing how little care a lot of people take in their preparation. To give you the very best chance of success, I will carefully craft a CV that not only outlines, but actually highlights, your skills and experience to potential employers. The format will be bold but clear, and its content will be free from any spelling or grammatical errors.

If you wish to preface your CV with a covering letter (which I would always recommend!), I can also provide you with a bespoke template that is, again, tailored to your skills and experience – and show you how to tweak it effectively for all future applications.

If you have already created your CV, and written a covering letter, but would appreciate the benefit of  an impartial eye before you submit them anywhere, my professional proofreading service may still be of interest—why not give your application its very best shot by allowing an experienced recruitment professional to review and edit (only where necessary!) the supporting documents that you plan to submit?



I offer a bespoke copywriting service that includes articles intended for publication on blogs and across various social media platforms; content for print release in brochures, newspapers, and magazines; and complete online newsletters (including formatting and distribution, if required). If you require any other kind of content (e.g. a script for a video promotion), please do get in touch via the Contact Form and let me know what you are looking for – chances are, I’d love to help!


I also offer a full and thorough proofreading service for all official documentation (including emails, letters, contracts, and terms of business), as well as any other content (such as that which is outlined above). This will include the correction of any objective errors in spelling or grammar, and the scrupulous checking of facts, statistics, and sources.


Prior to a formal edit, I will read through what exists of your manuscript and feed back to you from the perspective of a reader (as opposed to that of a proof-reader!) You will then receive a detailed report that considers the manuscript as a whole—what works, whether it is coherent, and those things that could maybe do with revising when you’re ready to tackle the next draft. As such, this service would be ideal for anyone who’s stuck in a bit of a rut, unsure of how to continue, as well as for writers who have recently completed those all-important first drafts.


Those of you who are a little further along in the process, may wish to consider my comprehensive editing service instead. Now that you’ve stopped working on the story itself, it’s time to get down to the nitty grittiness of spelling, grammar, and punctuation, errors in which I will help you to spot and eradicate from your manuscript. 


As a writer myself, I am always looking for new and exciting projects to be a part of! If you have an idea that you think would benefit from a ghost- or a co-writer, please do drop me a line with your pitch. I have many years’ experience of collaborative fiction writing and will happily turn my hand to almost any genre.


Please note that all of my services are bespoke and will be priced on an individual, project-by-project basis. Please email your proposals to me at get in touch via the contact form to receive a free, no-obligations quote!