Let’s start off with something a bit easier, shall we? First off, you may be wondering:

What is a copywriter?

Well, according to the dictionary, a copywriter is, “a person who writes the texts of advertisements or publicity material.” And you can tell that this definition was written by a lexicographer and not a copywriter because it’s concise, informative, and in danger sending you to sleep if you have to read too much more of it!

Copywriters, on the other hand, are absolute whizzes with the written word. It’s our job to keep your customers on the edges of their seats from start to finish; to create persuasive copy for print adverts, and social media posts that fizz and pop with energy, to make you the No. 1 choice for consumers, no matter what you’re selling!

We are salespeople, we are poets, we are professionals—here to help you grow your business and increase your revenue.

Why should you hire a copywriter? (Now we’re getting to the good stuff!)

Like I said, we’re professionals. We know what we’re doing! If you have tech problems at work, chances are, you’ll go straight to your IT guy; if you need some numbers crunching, you’ll ask for you accountant; and if you have a ghost infestation, who you gonna call?

That’s right, the experts.

So, if you’re busy and content creation isn’t your biggest strength, why aren’t you outsourcing it?

Copywriters have a genuine flair for writing, our grammar is impeccable and our precision, when it comes to punctuation, cannot be matched. We know commas and dashes and semicolons like software developers know lines of code; we are as familiar with SEO as we are with ABC and accountants are with 1,2,3; and we ain’t afraid of no blog posts!

When should you hire a copywriter?

  • When you are rebranding.
  • When your website needs refreshing.
  • When you want to overhaul your social media strategy or to boost the traffic on your pages.
  • When you are launching a new, multi-faceted marketing campaign, or simply have one specific document that requires an expert touch.

Who am I?

My name is Kits, and I am a freelance copywriter, content writer, and editor, based in the South West of England. My favourite piece of punctuation is the interrobang (‽), which is perfect for conveying incredulity and surprise, like, what do you mean no one uses these anymore, Kits‽ Baffling, right? But, anyway …

I can help you create content for all sorts of media, including online and in print. I also offer a full and thorough proofreading service, which includes the correction of any objective errors in spelling and / or grammar, and the scrupulous checking of facts, statistics, and sources.

You can find out more about me and the services that I offer on my website: www.kitstwentysix.co.uk.

How can you hire me?

Whether you already have a project in mind, or are just interested in learning more about how working with a copywriter could benefit you and your business, you can contact me through the form on my website—or else email me directly at kits@kitstwentysix.co.uk.

You can also find, follow, and message me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

I am looking forward to hearing from you already!

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